Albany, Western Australia

Albany sits on the South Coast of WA I really liked this town its really pretty and lots to see here its only 416 klms from Perth. It was the first Port built in the state and now has some of the world’s largest passenger ships. There is a replica of the Brig Amity the sailing ship that bought the first European setters to Western Australia.

The National Anzac Centre is located at Mount Adelaide, Albany Heritage Park The museum overlooks King George Sound and is a great tribute to those who served. It was from Albany that many of our soldiers departed on the 1st of November 1914 on the warships heading for the First World War. The Convoy walk and lookout conatins 21 markers containing information about the ships in the First and Second Convoys you can walk inside the underground machinery stores and see other war memorabilia. On Mount Clarence there is a replica of the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial a monument to the fallen on the banks of Port Said in Egypt and there are stunning views from the lookout at the top.

At Discovery Bay at the site of the Cheyennes Beach Whaling Company there is a museum to the whaling industry there are tours and a restaurant and gift shop. The Albany Whaling Company commenced in 1947 and was still operational up until 1978. The Botanical gardens are also located here .

There are some beautiful beaches here and the sand is white and the water is an amazing colour. We stayed at the Panorama Holiday caravan Park its right on the bay and we had a amazing view of the bay during the day and the lights of Albany by the night. I would come back here again its a nice place with lots of shops, restaurants, wineries, walking tracks lots to see and do.

We were here when Prince Charles and Camilla came to town we did try to go into the Anzac Centre but they wouldn’t let dogs in so we waited down the bottom to catch a glimpse and a wave.