Borroloola Northern Territory

Borroloola is the capital of the Gulf Region and It is located on the McArthur River about 50 km upstream from the Gulf of Carpentaria. The rivers and coastal areas are host to barramundi earning Borroloola a reputation among sports fisherman, and also to the deadly saltwater crocodile. The region has little rain from May to September. There are many large cattle stations in the area and The McArthur River mine is one of the world’s largest zinc, lead and silver mines, situated about 70 kilometres southwest of Borroloola.

In town there is a supermarket, post office, take away food shop, fuel, pub, caravan park and even Centrelink. The historical old police station is worth a look and Waralungku Arts has some great stuff to look at. there are a couple of places to drive down to the river worth a look but remember there are crocodiles here.