Canberra & Linda

My trip to Canberra was to catch up with my girlfriend Linda we have know each other for 33 years. Her daughter Sara is my God daughter and I will have the pleasure of being Sara’s marriage celebrant next year. Miss Elly and I had a look around our capital so it was off to The War memorial if you get to ACT you must come to the memorial it is a great place of reflection and to give thanks to our brave men and women who gave their lives so we could live in this great country free. Then it was a drive up to the lookout and a walk up to Parliment house and Miss Elly decided to pee on the front lawn just to show our politicians what she thought of their policies and back stabbing!!! . Linda and I took a walk around the lake there are many sculptures on the way to look at and I had a quick look at Floriade it was a bit cool at night and Miss Elly snuggled up under her blanket to keep warm. We stayed at The Exhibition Centre Caravan Park a great spot not too far from the centre. We only stayed 2 nights and we went out to dinner at The George where I caught up with Linda’s Dad too we sat out by the fire and enjoyed the live music. Then it was back on the road heading for Pambula