Cape York in 8 days and 2500klms Part 1

My adventure began at Lions Den just south of Cooktown I stayed here 3 nights and sang one of the nights. It is a really quaint pub in the middle of nowhere. On arriving and setting up the people beside me had seen me at Karumba perfoming I have had this happen on several occasions where I keep running into people from somewhere else. The view from the lookout at Cooktown is stunning. For the first time on my adventure I had company my friend Peter came along we drove through to Bramwell Station the first day on some really rough corrugated road. Once again the Jayco caravan which is suppose to be an Offroad van was full of dust and things shook loose lucky for me Peter is a builder so he fixed up the broken bits. It was late getting in so we had a meal at the station pub and enjoyed the live music. It was only $20 a night but no power we were allowed to leave the van here free of charge so the next morning we packed the car put the tent on and away we went heading for the tip the Northern most part of Australia.

First we went into Fruit Bat Falls and had a swim in these lovely waterfalls then to Elliot Falls where I got to do a bit of 4WD on the old Telegraph Track through a river then to Elliot falls which has a few different places to swim at. Then there is the ferry crossing at the Jardine River $100 for a return ride only way in or out unless you want to try the river crossing further up on the Telegraph Line Rd. From here it was up to the Cape and the tip we got there late afternoon and took some photos then to our campsite at Punsand Bay. The people running this campground are from South West Rocks. This area is really beautiful and it was quite exciting to be standing at the tip of Australia we spent a few days looking around and driving down some tracks to remote areas we went back to the tip for sunset and got a picture of the sunset and moon in the one panoramic shot. It was a great place to put my Drone up to get aerial shots Peter also has a drone so we had fun playing with our drones in some awesome places. I have some really amazing, unforgettable memories of this place, the beach and sunsets. There are so many photos to show so Part 2 will be of the next leg of the journey.