Esperance WA

Esperance is 720 klms south east of Perth it has spectacular scenery, extensive national parks and snow white beaches. It is an important agricultural town, exporting around a million tonnes of grain each year. Located on Esperance Bay, the town overlooks more than 100 islands of the Archipelago of the Recherché. It has brilliant blue waters and is a great fishing spot as well as surfing and swimming.

Cape Le Grand National Park has sand plains,swamps and freshwater pools and some massive granite outcrops, there are lots of walking tracks and camp spots. There are 4 National Parks close to Esperance and all are stunning.

We went to Stonehenge just out of town and its a full size replica of the original Stonehenge in the UK as it would have looked around 1950BC. There are 137 stones of pink granite and the structure is aligned with the summer solstice sunrise and the winter solstice sunset. It was unbelievable I even had a sing in the middle the acoustics where fantastic.

We stayed out on Geoff and Ramey’s farm 21klms from town and Elly and I got to go in the road train with Geoff to deliver grain to the Port it was certainly an eye opener to see what he had to do just to unload first he had to be weiged and the grain tested then it was off to the Port to deliver the grain where he pulled up over grids and tipped each trailer out then it was back to be weighed again before heading off for another load. Elly even decided to try out the drivers seat.

The parks and walkways along the foreshore are great and well maintained we had a look at the Museum and saw a replica Skylab 1979 which was the first USA manned space station launchedin 1973 it crashed over Esperance in 1979. There are wind farm here as well something we have seen a lot of across the bottom.