Friends You Meet

One of the things I love the most about travelling is the people you meet that become friends who then you catch up with again on your travels in their home town. I met Chris & Wayne, Peter, Lynette and their mum and dad Shirley & Phil in Karumba in the QLD Gulf back in July. You will remember Peter he came with me to Cape York. I have stopped in at Nowra to see them on my way south. I had a gig on the Thursday night at the Bottle Rocket Bar a great night then Saturday night was a party at Chris and Waynes on the back verander with family and friends I cooked up Spanakopita there was lots of dancing, laughs and too much alcohol. I have changed the words to Stand By your Man to Stand On Your Man and Chris & Wayne did the actions I will be doing a video soon and posting it. I have a spare spare tyre on my roof and bought a cover for it once again Wayne to the rescue he climbed up on my roof and tied it down so at least if I get lost in my travels and they send a helicopter in to rescue me they will see a smiling cat face looking back at them from the roof. Last night I was invited to their big family weekly dinner at the Bowling Club great meal, conversation and more laughs.

I love these guys they have been so welcoming and taken me into their family and homes and I will miss them I am sure we will catch up again and remain friends for a very long time, but its time to move onto the next adventure which is Canberra to catch up with my friend Linda

So look out ACT here I come!!!!