Great Australian Bight and the Nullarbor Plains

Believed to be the longest line of sea cliffs in the world the Great Australian Bight stretches from 1160 kilometres. The Nullarbor Plain stretches 720 Klms from east to west and 320klms from coast to the Great Victorian Desert in the north. Its the worlds biggest landscape of limestone karst a treeless expanse which covers 270,000 square kms and contains one of the world’s largest cave systems.

A drive of  430 klms today from Streaky Bay to just past the Nullarbor Roadhouse. We stopped at Penong for a cuppa and a look at the windmills then continued onto the Nullarbor Plains not much to see here and we stopped at a free camp spot where we met Toni and Peter Valentine from Coffs Harbour we had happy hour with them and camped up.

We had a big day of driving the next day covering 830klms we gained 2 and a half hours crossing from SA into WA. We stopped in at the lookouts to see the cliffs absolutely stunning a lot of the lookouts have been closed as they are too dangerous to go into now.

At Bordertown I caught up with friends Jo, Bill and their dog Tilly who I met last year at Broome they live in Perth and were on their way to Melbourne for a few weeks. It was then across the border after a check of our van to make sure we had no veggies, fruit or honey on board. The young guy checking my van asked where I was headed when I told him Esperance he said do you know Geoff and Ramey Hulm I said thats who I’m going to see his known them since he was a kid Small World. Then to Eucla to fill up and have a coffee.

Then it was Australia’s longest straight road 146.6klms without a turn. There was a storm coming in lucky for us it went around us but a lot of the camp sites were flooded we finally stopped for the night 70klms from Norseman at a free camp site I was very happy to climb into bed this night after losing 2 and a half hours in time crossing the border.

Next stop Esperance