The joke out on the road amongst caravan owners are they are called JUNKO’s

I bought this van brand new and For 3 years I have put up with an obvious LEMON I have had nothing but trouble with this Jayco Off Road Caravan called an Outback what a joke. If your thinking of buying one DON’T do your research read the fine print they aren’t meant for dirt roads so I have been told by a Jayco employee.

Well what does OFFROAD and OUTBACK say to you????

To me its dirt roads I would expect to be able to drive on a dirt road without having your van falling apart and dust in every single space imaginable inside. I know that you can have problems with anything but this is ridiculous.

I’m even thinking of getting a sticker made up and putting all over the van “JUNKO”

Once again I am spending money to fix things and before you ask yes I have been in contact with Jayco and the dealer. If I had any satisfaction I wouldn’t be writing this post.

Here’s a small list of just a few things wrong

Kitchen draws keep falling out and ripped the vinyl I now take them out every time I travel and place them on the floor.

TV lead stuffed it lasted 3 months I had to buy a new one

Air con not working properly had to get fixed in Darwin 2 weeks after leaving and it still has its moments.

Brakes have been repaired  5 times

Hot water heater has been repaired twice

2 shockies broke exactly same spot at the same time on the same side 1 month out of warranty 

Kitchen Cupboards have moved off the wall by 1 inch and the draws and doors don’t shut properly

Front step has broken away from van underneath so it moves everytime you step inside

front door is out of alignment I have to kick the door to open it

leak over lounge room window wall is peeling

leak in bathroom window all has peeled away and I have now painted the wall

 I did get Watsons to look for leak they said they could not find anything

water pouring out of light in shower the light does not work now

the bathroom cupboard door rubs on the roof when opening 

small components on stove lid the black lugs that hold the metal frame broke

the hinge brackets have broken on stove lid

Fridge on gas would not work it has been fixed but the gauge does not work

door latch on shower broke twice

Awning lever broke

door key doesn’t work at times it has been replaced

Cupboard above the lounge dropped down had to be re screwed

shower door has dropped

Light above sink doesn’t work

Stabalising leg is stuck and will not budge need a new one.

Black plastic guards (lights) at back have come off the wall frame

replaced top part of toilet cassette twice