My First Wedding as a Marriage Celebrant

On Friday the 26th of June I performed my first wedding ceremony as a Authorised Marriage Celebrant at Mindil Beach, Darwin at sunset for my good friends Seth Vagg and Amanda Fettell. It was truly beautiful and as the sun sank over the ocean they made their vows in front of family and friends. I felt very privileged and quite emotional to perform such a beautiful ceremony and it is a memory I will cherise forever.

Seth and Amanda also had a sand ceremony which their 2 girls were included in the blending of 4 coloured sands which represents the blending of love and family. It was a small gathering and a surprise to everyone they had kept the secret for 4 months not even their parents knew until they arrived on the beach They had been told they were coming to watch me do a gig!!!! Well I did it just wasn’t a singing gig.

I look forward to performing many more wedding ceremonies but this one will always be very special.