The Gibb River Rd, Kimberleys WA

When is an Offroad caravan not an Offroad Caravan????

When you take it off road is the answer mine ended up full of red dust even it was even in every cupboard I drove to conditions on the dirt roads, I had draws fall out and the screws they use are so small it wouldn’t hold your fly up!!!!

This is our trip across the famous Gibb River Rd in the Kimberley sadly not a lot of places let you have dogs so we were quite restricted but the scenery was awesome  and I met some more new friends. the best time to do the Gibb is just after wet season when you have lots of greenery and the the creeks, rivers and waterfalls are at their most impressive. Someone had lit a fire at El Questro and they had to back burn to contain so there were places closed to the public for safety. I even came across a fire burning on my drive along. I think Miss Elly is over the dirt roads though!!