One Year & 40,000 kms, Our first Lap of Australia in 13 minutes

With my trusty companion Miss Elly we have completed a lap of Australia in a year driving over 40,000 klms along the way. I have met some amazing new friends in my travel who I now catch up with in their home towns I also got to see old friends that I hadn’t seen for years. Please take the time to watch this video it will give you a look of what I have accomplished in a year. Hopefully it might give you an idea to try something outside your comfort zone for yourself.

I have really grown personally and have found myself again in my travels especially only having myself to rely on and Miss Elly of course. I am happy where I am in my life and I am comfortable in my own skin and the person I am. I really love what I do and the fact that I bring joy to so many people with my singing brings me great satisfaction. I truly believe we are where we are meant to be and things do happen for a reason. I no longer worry if I take a wrong turn I’m going where I need to be and its all an adventure and it is true Its not about the destination but the journey that takes you there.

I’m still not sure where I want to settle or what I want to do all I know is what I’m doing now feels right so I will be doing another lap around again next year. I have already been booked out singing for everynight in June at Daly Waters NT, July in Karumba QLD and August at Weipa Cape York. Plus all the little places on the way around.

I hear so many stories on the road of people who wait to retire to travel around our beautiful country then one gets sick or dies or something happens and they cannot keep going. Remember life is too short for regrets and once a moment has passed you can never get it back so do the things you dream about. Don’t take anything for granted and be kind to people and treat them how you would like to be treated yourself. If your doing something you don’t like don’t whinge about it CHANGE IT only you can.

You don’t always need a plan sometimes you just need to breath, trust and let go and see what happens


Thank you for joining us on our travels and adventures.

Marianne and Miss Elly xxxxx