Venus Bay, South Australia

After leaving Whyalla I headed to Cowell to catch up with Aunty Pam and Uncle Trevor we had coffee and scones and a wander around the markets. Then it was back on the road across the Eyre Peninsular to Venus Bay to catch up with Doug and Bev and the crew. I really get spoilt while I’m with these guys and hardly have to cook a meal even being spoilt with a baked dinner and pavlova one night. I also put on a free show for the caravanna’s with a backdrop of the ocean they even got up dancing.

Venus Bay is a small tourist and fishing town sited on the bay of the same name, on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.The town also serves the professional fisherman who fish the Southern Ocean. It was here that I met Nick and Terry Paul of Kon Paul & Sons who are commercial fisherman. They have 2 boats and specialise in Prawns their Dad started the business many years ago and they continue the tradition with 3 generations working in the business. I interviewed them for Meraki TV which will air on channel 187 Foxtel at the end of April. I sampled some of these beautiful prawns and I must say they are some of the tastiest I have ever eaten.

Venus Bay is primarily a fishing and water sport based destination, with the sheltered waters providing small boat users a safe fishing environment. The bay is known to hold whiting, salmon, garfish, snook, tommy ruff, flathead and gummy shark, with most of these caught off the town’s jetty also. This is a lovely spot to stop for a week or more its really relaxing with great views and walks.