A Promise Kept


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Once upon a time a handsome prince…… that’s how fairytales start, and they always end with a happily ever after.

With a tough childhood and an abusive father, then several bad choices with men, Lilly’s life was far from the fairytale she had always dreamed of.

Lilly felt blessed to have strong women to show her the way, her Grandmother Loretta and her mother Rose. With their love and support, she knew she could conquer anything, as long as she believed in herself.

Even with that support sometimes she wondered, how do you pick yourself up when someone you love is always trying to drag you down and crush your spirit? Why does she continue to allow this to happen?

What was her purpose in life? Lilly sold everything and headed off, driving around Australia to find herself. Travelling alone to some of the most remote parts of Australia she wondered, would she ever find real love? The kind that her grandparents had shared.
Did she have the strength and courage to see this bold journey through alone?

Lilly made herself a promise, but would she be able to keep it?