King Ash Bay

King Ash Bay is on the Mcarthur River in the Northern Territory its known for the amazing fishing. I called in here for an overnight stop and ended up staying 7 nights. I sang at the club 1 night and they asked me to stay on and sing more, now I was heading for Darwin and I was on a schedule I have been so organised for so long it was hard to let go of that BUT I did I remembered why I’m on this journey and that I should never knock back an adventure or opportunity the fact that they were going to hide my car so I couldn’t leave too was another reason to stay. They really spoilt me and I’ve made some amazing new friends its a place I certainly will be going back to. I was taken out to Vandelin Island for fireworks and taken Barramundi fishing all as an incentive to stay. If you ever get a chance to come to this great spot just tell them The Singer sent you they will know who you mean!!!!

for more information go to or their facebook page