The Lost City

The Lost City is located in the Caranbirini Conservation Reserve its about 40km West of Borroloola NT. There are  3 walks, Barrawulla Walk a 2km loop which is the one we did or the Jagududgu Walk which is according to the sign either 5km or 7.35km. There is also a walk to the Waterhole only 100m off the track.

This was once a shallow sea bed, onto which rivers unloaded their cargo of sediments. Now raised, its subject to erosion. The coastline of Northern Australia has shifted many times over the last few hundred million years. As a result, there are extensive sandstone formations similar to these throughout the Gulf region.

My friend Darrell came with me for this walk and it is truly beautiful, we even saw a dingo chasing a kangaroo as we were walking around the rocks. It reminded me of the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock walking through the narrow passages and there were so many butterfies there.  Over millions of years the sandstone has been eroded into these structures and they are amazing its very peaceful and serene in here we went late afternoon the colours are quite intense then.